Welcome to KMH Images

There is a reason they say a picture is worth a thousand words.  A photograph is unique in that it can invoke so many emotions.  A photograph is enduring and enables families and friends to forever relive those special moments and remember loved ones.  A photograph can instantly change a mood or bring people closer.  Whether it is for a holiday, birthday, sporting event, wedding or any special occasion, see how KMH Images can help you create lasting memories.

- I am happy to discuss any photo shoot you would like, but here are a few examples of where I enjoy being my most expressive - 

Motion - I have been an athlete my whole life and continue to play sports as an adult (that's even how I met my husband).  The physical benefits are obvious but so it building lifelong friendships and the camaraderie - all of which provide a perfect setting for great pictures.  Athletes performing at a high level is an art form that I like to witness and capture. Sports is a perfect opportunity to get candid shots, which is my favorite situation.  Seeing people react, unaware cameras are on them brings out raw emotions that are great for shooting.  From little league to high school and even adult sports - I am happy to support your team or organization through my work.

Landscapes - Colorado provides an unlimited supply of amazing scenery.  Mountains, parks, lakes, sunsets and ever-changing weather combine in infinitely astounding ways.  I love living here and to have such awe inspiring beauty to shoot year round.  Knowing when and where to find great shots is an advantage - but so is being in the right place at the right time.  Colorado gives you both.  I have also been fortunate to see other amazing places in the U.S. and abroad, furthering my love of finding unique perspectives on landscapes.  I am happy to go to your favorite location to preserve the moment forever or to create an image for your wall.

Portraits - Families.  Children.  Professional.  Special Gifts.  Cards.  Any reason really.  Portraits go beyond just snapping pictures of people, but creating the appropriate setting and mood.  Head-shots can add a personal touch for your business card, website or social media profile.  We often do not take time to remember how special our families are and the right picture can make all the difference.  Children are great subjects because of their innocence and spontaneity.  They provide numerous opportunities to capture those precious, candid moments that cannot be rehearsed or recreated.

Please browse the pictures on this site and read more about why I love photography on the About page.